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Cyber Security as a Service

CSaaS Services & Solutions

Outsourcing of services or business risks to be managed on your behalf.

Cyber Security is a strategic asset to any organisation and there is no one size fits all answer. The purpose of the Cyber Security function within any organisation is to protect your digital assets, both internally and within your supply chain, from cyber attacks. The purpose of the Nine23 CSaaS is to support you in mitigating risks to your organisation.

Where we fit – We are your trusted Cyber Security experts who fit within your organisation were we are needed and above all add value. We can support you at the start of your Cyber Security journey, review your current position and we can support you as an ongoing service.

Advisory Services 

Our team of experts will help you develop a Cyber Security Strategy or review your existing strategy with you to review its maturity, fit with emerging industry trends and overarching business model to ensure that it is aligned with broader business goals.

Through conducting a Strategic Threat Assessment and a Risk Assessment of your underlying processes and technologies, our team will help you to define Risk Appetite and Tolerance statements to influence the future development of your security capability and to provide tangible evidence to support any required investment decision-making.

Security teams can often have a myriad of partners, services and tools to manage, integrate and utilise as part of their role. Our team specialises in helping map these capabilities and identify potential areas of duplication and any key gaps so that tooling can be rationalised, reducing the Total Cost of Ownership for the security team whilst driving up capability through better use of a rationalised, integrated and optimised in line with your team’s processes.

Implementing your strategy and maturity improvement programme can be challenging with numerous competing activities and priorities vying for investment and delivery. Our expert team use their experience and insight into your residual risk, current maturity challenges and strategic goals to help define a strategic roadmap and logical sequence to the implementation strands to help you realise value quickly and ensure delivery can occur at pace in line with organisational objectives.

Achieving ISO implementation (and certification, where appropriate) can help drive maturity and repeatability into your processes and operations. It can also give confidence to both your customers and your suppliers on the seriousness with which quality, security and risk are treated within your organisation and acting as a differentiator within your peer organisations.

Our team have experience of a number of ISO standards from identification, through planning and implementation and on to certification where desired. Our ISO Strategy service will help identify those standards that are a good fit for your organisation and help determine whether a posture of “alignment” or formal certification are best placed to meet your business objectives.

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Design, Develop & Deliver 

Implementation of new tooling can be challenging as teams familiarise themselves with products and integrating them with existing solutions. Acting in a hybrid capacity, our team of experienced security and infrastructure engineers will work with your team to deploy and optimise your selected tooling and that you are able to assess if it is realising the benefits anticipated and is working effectively within your environment.

Supply chains are becoming more complex, accelerated by the adoption of Cloud and SaaS platforms and outsourcing of niche business services. Cyber threats continue to target supply chains as a potential avenue to attack organisations or to fraudulently extract funds from them. This is true for your organisation and its suppliers, but also the customers and partners that you work with, where many organisations now find themselves as both potentially the target and the facilitator of such attacks.

Our team will help model your supply chain and understand the risk it poses to your business operations from a criticality, business continuity and reputational damage perspective. We can then propose an audit and assurance regime across these suppliers, proportionate to the risk posed as a combination of technical monitoring and formal audit activities. If desired we can also undertake some of these audit activities leaving your own teams to audit our activities in an “audit the auditor” model designed to increase confidence across the supply chain.

Demands on security teams continue to grow with additional technologies and services being introduced and API driven services delivering steadily increasing transaction volumes to be inspected and protected. To prevent these increases turning into an ever-increasing need for additional resource, which can be challenging to fund, recruit and retain, teams increasingly turn to aspects of automation to automate the administrative overhead and tasks with low value-add to the organisation, allowing valuable security team members to focus on increasing value and taking proactive measures such as threat hunting, engaging with engineering teams to secure systems during development and improving processes and awareness across the business.

Our team brings their years of experience in this field to help identify the best candidate processes and systems for elements of automation to ease pressure on your teams. We also focus on helping implement new automation approaches at reasonable cost and focused on maximising value from your existing investment, rather than driving expensive standalone automation projects.

Our team have years of experience in defining what policies are required to best reduce risk across an organisation and can help in defining these, tailored to the needs of your organisation. We don’t introduce a swathe of generic, templated documents but address fundamental risks and challenges within your organisation based on your risk posture, industry sector and your broader strategic goals, incentivising positive behaviours across your workforce, partners and customers.

If you are in a regulated and compliant industry sector, then your expenditure and technology choices are highly scrutinised. Providing due diligence around technology selections can be challenging to conduct objectively and the need to trial multiple products in the same category can stretch the limited resource within your teams. In response to this, our Tooling Selection service will conduct a formal product evaluation of 3-5 products in the selected category in support of your strategic objectives.

This service encompasses identifying suitable products that align with your organisational scale, sector and objectives; identification of assessment criteria and use cases; engagement with vendors to conduct a desk-based evaluation of technical, non-functional and commercial criteria; technical trial / Proof of Value (where considered necessary) and formal evaluation and recommendation report. All of this can be conducted in line with Treasury Green Book business cases, GDS Spend Controls or equivalent governance regime to give you confidence that you can evidence the need and value of your selected tools.

General provision Cloud services are able to meet the majority of business computing needs in numerous sectors. For those organisations that have a requirement to work at a higher security classification, especially where this is a minority of their workloads and so may not merit internal provision, more specialised services can be required. FLEX Secure is a UK sovereign Private Cloud platform able to meet requirements for workloads above OFFICIAL in a flexible, consumption-based model with connectivity to high assurance community networks where required.

ISO 270001, NIST Cyber Security Framework (CSF)

In support of maturing your security capability the adoption of one or more industry standards may be suitable. These can help provide common communication frameworks with your partners and suppliers and also provide customers with assurance of the standards and processes in place to aid in responding to incidents where they occur. Our team have experience in defining implementation plans and then delivering these standards into operation with numerous clients. If adoption of one of these standards is part of your strategy then we can help accelerate the planning and adoption of those standards.

Managed Services

Through our strategic partner e2e-assure we can deliver a fully managed SOC service to augment your internal team in an industry-leading hybrid model, focused on reducing your costs, manage your risk and maximise the return on your existing technology investments. In concert with our other services we can deliver this as part of a unified agreement with full cost transparency.

If your internal team are struggling to deal with the scale of your estate then outsourcing a core element of volume-generating activity can be a good way to ease this pressure. Outsourcing the detection and mitigation of security events across your endpoints (laptops, mobile phones, servers etc.) can be a good way to ease this burden as they typically drive the highest alert volumes in the environment. This can free your team up to focus on improving the core infrastructure and services within your organisation and to conduct audit and assurance activities, where risk is typically less easily understood and managed.

Cyber Security at its heart is about the management of risk to your organisation’s ability to conduct its core business. In the regulated and compliant sector, this can be an extensive array of complex and nuanced risks. To help ease that burden Nine23 Ltd offer a risk management incentivised service model. We can jointly agree risks on your risk register that Nine23 will take on the ongoing management of, working with your internal teams, suppliers and partners to take the steps to reduce that risk to acceptable levels and then manage it within the appetite of the organisation on an ongoing basis.

This allows you to focus on a smaller schedule of risks or other business transformation activities, confident that risk continues to be effectively managed. Whilst you cannot outsource risk and its impacts, you can outsource its effective management. Your risk is our concern, and we measure our effectiveness on our ability to help deliver material reductions in your risk profile and management overhead.

Why Choose Nine23 for CSaaS Solutions?

End-User Focused

Today’s end-user expects to operate at work in the same way they do at home – consumer simplicity with enterprise security. We passionately believe that you, the client / customer / frontline end-user should be at the heart of everything we do, empowered to use technology securely and by delivering outcomes for your needs.


Nine23 is a highly competent trusted IT solutions company with a team of talented and experienced individuals. We have proven this through multiple service deliveries of user-focused, nationally accredited solutions, in complex environments and by enabling some very prolific end-users.


We have consistently achieved the highest levels of accreditation (ISO 9001, 27001, ISO/IEC 20000) from national bodies to provide confidence that the systems we develop can be used at highly classified levels of cyber security (OFFICIAL-Sensitive or Sensitive).

UK Data Sovereign 

If your organisation requires the processing of UK personal data our fully managed, Nine23 owned enterprise infrastructure, Platform FLEX located in secure UK hosting locations with connectivity to government/corporate networks and internet connected organisations using proven secure access solutions to ensure your data is protected.

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