Nine23’s Innovative Path to Net Zero in Cyber Security

“Net Zero Now played a crucial role in helping us overcome underreporting challenges by providing a robust platform for tracking, monitoring, and reporting sustainability achievements.” – Julie COO, Nine23

Integrating Sustainability with Security

Nine23 is now partnering with Net Zero Now. This collaboration is a testament to our dedication to reducing environmental impact while aiming for carbon neutrality by 2050, thereby aligning our renowned security solutions with the urgent need for sustainability in the cyber security sector.

Journey Towards a Sustainable Cyber Security Practice

What was your motivation to sign up with Net Zero Now?

Driven by an urgent need to combat climate change and minimise our environmental impact, we achieved compliance with the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System in 2022. This was part of our broader commitment to proactive carbon footprint reduction. Understanding our emissions profile across operations was crucial, and Net Zero Now’s comprehensive carbon footprint assessment enabled us to pinpoint critical emissions sources like energy consumption, transportation, and waste generation, guiding us toward impactful mitigation strategies.

What benefits have you experienced from choosing Net Zero Now?

Engaging with Net Zero Now has significantly boosted our carbon neutrality efforts, aiming for 2050. Their expert advice has been pivotal in developing and applying effective carbon reduction strategies, speeding our progress and reinforcing our role as a responsible business leader in the climate change battle. Quantifying our carbon footprint facilitated the setting of specific reduction targets, aiding in cost savings, ensuring regulatory compliance, and enhancing stakeholder confidence in our sustainability commitment.

How does your business sector currently perceive the importance of sustainability?

Sustainability’s relevance is increasingly acknowledged within the Cyber Security industry, touching on aspects like environmental impact, resilience, supply chain security, regulatory compliance, and innovation. As environmental awareness grows, customers and businesses more frequently opt for cybersecurity providers that emphasise sustainability. Many are adopting renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies, recognising these sustainable practices as essential for the digital infrastructure’s resilience and longevity.

How have you found the process thus far with Net Zero Now?

Net Zero Now’s comprehensive suite for calculating, tracking, and reporting carbon emissions simplifies the complexity of measuring our carbon footprint. This user-friendly platform allows for precise environmental impact assessments and identification of improvement. Features for data collection, analysis, and visualisation enable straightforward monitoring of our carbon reduction progress and informed decision-making to enhance our sustainability efforts. Additionally, Net Zero Now’s resources and best practices have been invaluable in supporting our ongoing journey toward carbon neutrality.

What stage are you at in the Net Zero Now accreditation process?

Nine23 has recently been honoured with the ‘On the Road to Net Zero’ certification mark by Net Zero Now, marking a significant milestone in our sustainability journey.

Can you tell us about two changes you are making to drive down your carbon emissions as part of your Net Zero journey?

Our sustainability initiatives span across various operational aspects, with two notable changes being:

  1. Supply Chain Optimisation: Collaborating closely with our suppliers, we’re ensuring adherence to sustainable practices, thus minimising our supply chain’s overall carbon impact.
  2. Investing in Energy-Efficient Technologies: By focusing on energy efficiency, we aim to reduce energy consumption significantly and our carbon footprint, aligning with our sustainability goals.

What would you say to other companies looking to start their journey to Net Zero?

For companies committed to reducing carbon emissions, partnering with Net Zero Now offers a clear path through the complexities of sustainability initiatives, hastening your progress towards Net Zero emissions. Their expertise, coupled with a suite of resources and tools, supports goal-setting, strategy implementation, and progress monitoring, providing an invaluable foundation for your sustainability journey.

What impact has embarking on this Net Zero journey had on your business, employees, and customers?

Although we’re in the early stages of our Net Zero journey, it has already significantly influenced our organisation. It’s challenging us to reevaluate our operations, uncover new efficiencies, and cultivate a sustainability-focused culture. Moving forward, we expect even more pronounced effects on our environmental footprint, operational effectiveness, and stakeholder engagement, driving positive change within and beyond our company.

Encouraging Sustainability Within Cyber Security

Nine23’s proactive measures towards achieving Net Zero not only exemplify their commitment to environmental sustainability but also position them as leaders in the cyber security sector. Their efforts to understand and reduce their carbon footprint—supported by Net Zero Now—highlight the vital role technology companies play in combating climate change.

Join Nine23 in Their Quest for a Greener Cyber Security Future

Our journey towards Net Zero emphasises the critical intersection of technology, security, and sustainability. By adopting carbon accounting practices and setting clear Net Zero goals, Nine23 is demonstrating that cyber security firms can lead in sustainability without compromising on service quality. For more on how we have achieved “On The Road To Net Zero“, pioneering sustainability efforts and the role of Net Zero Now in facilitating their journey, explore Net Zero Now.

Embracing Net Zero strategies and understanding the impact of scope 1 2 3 emissions are critical for businesses like us, aiming to not only reduce their environmental footprint but also to inspire innovation within the cyber security industry, ensuring a secure and sustainable future for all.

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