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How We Work

Ensuring operations that meet the needs of a complex environment and a changing workforce

Today’s digital environment is increasingly complex with more regulatory and compliance requirements than ever. While our operating model focusses on end-user journeys, only rigorous attention to back-end operations and processes can ensure that these journeys are seamless, fit-for-purpose, and secure.

Nine23’s Secure UK Cloud infrastructure, Platform FLEX, provides an environment where you can grow, adapt and develop in confidence, with expert support whenever you need it.

Nine23 is a Crown Commercial Service supplier certified to ISO standards: 9001, 27001, and 20000.

how we work and our operating model, define, build and manage

I need to improve my cyber security 

Define: Your Problems

During the define stage, we will work with you to discover, clarify and define your goals.

The discovery phase will help us to understand your current capabilities and define your problems or your desired changes. We will create a report which will specify the essential capabilities, end-user requirements and outline the options which will work for you. We will develop an agreed roadmap for your digital transformation.

We will deliver the correct solution by working with you; to enable your end-users and help you understand what success will look like from the start of the engagement.

Find out how Nine23 added value, enabled remote working through early engagement with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

I need a complete cyber security service

Build: Your Solution

We can design, implement and build complete cyber security services and solutions that will exceed your end-user requirements.

If appropriate, we will recommend using our Nine23 owned, secure infrastructure and scalable modular UK cloud, Platform FLEX. Whilst we are a fully agile cyber security company, we use DevOps (integrated development and operations) to deliver services we are continually improving for the end-users.

During the build phase we produce a project plan with clear deliverables, using the most appropriate methodology for you. By the end of this phase we will have conducted user testing to ensure the products and/or services are fit for the end-user.

I need a trusted managed service provider in the UK

Manage: Your Service

Delivering a managed service at speed and scale whilst aligning the service to the end-user’s journey is the final element of our operating model.

We manage and migrate cyber risks and work within your organisation to deliver the cyber security service you require. We will provide you with a well-defined Service Level Agreement (SLA) so there is never any misunderstanding about who is responsible for each part of the product or service.

We operate in an agile way and look to add value at every step with a continuous improvement mindset.

I need a tailored cyber security service 

Enable: Your End-User

Through our solutions, we provide you cyber security services that are tailored for your needs as well as your customers.

Enabling your end-user to engage confidently with technology is critical to the value you can derive from the technology. This goal drives Nine23’s development process and operating model; from initial discovery and recommendations through to ongoing support and management. Achieving the goal enhances your teams capabilities and is the heart of all we do.