Food Standards Agency (FSA)

PSN Gateway Service

2023 Update: We are pleased to announce that our client the Food Standards Agency have renewed their contract with us for a PSN gateway service via PlatformFLEX.

Tim Lewis, Lead Enterprise Architect shared “The reliable and proactively supported Nine23 service has enabled FSA to complete our cloud migration strategy by providing access to essential services within the PSN without us having to host network infrastructure in server rooms”.

Executive Summary

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) were looking to enhance the way they gained access to the Public Services Network (PSN) to:

  • Facilitate a move to cloud services
  • Reduce reliance with on-premise hardware
  • Enable the end-user to work remotely
  • Reduce costs where possible

Nine23’s Platform FLEX, PSN Gateway Service was matched from the requirements (available from the Digital Marketplace on G-Cloud) and now provides the FSA teams with access as part of a modern service.


With a mission of ‘food we can trust’, FSA is a non-ministerial government department established in 2000 following several high-profile outbreaks of food-borne illness and for more than 20 years, has worked across in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to ensure food is safe and is what is says it is.

Key Points

• Public Service Network (PSN) Gateway Service
• Access to PNN Services (LECN)
Managed IT Services

The Challenge

In 2020, the FSA approached Nine23 via G-Cloud for support in improving its current Public Services Network (PSN) access solution. This was part of a larger-scale cloud-first deployment.

They recognised its current PSN gateway service was

  • A risk where a single point of failure was based at a single site
  • Not in-line with cloud first principles
  • Used a dedicated PSN line
  • Increased support complications and networking

The replacement service would need to include the ability to connect to the PSN outside the office, reduce costs and have the ability to scale as needed. A solution that would match the working patterns of the modern remote worker.

The Solution

Following an initial approach through the Digital Marketplace (G-Cloud), Nine23 worked with the FSA to deliver a report with the options for PSN access. This report was key to understanding how to best exceed requirements.

This early engagement was a key to later success of the PSN Gateway Service as it was critical to helping the FSA the best methodology for the Immediate requirement and a plan for future way of working that fits with their ambitions.

Following due commercial process Nine23’s Platform FLEX PSN Gateway Service was selected to deliver a fully managed PSN Gateway Service. The key fundamental benefits of using Nine23’s service was that:

  • It had already gained the stringent accreditation and was already established as a PSN Code of Service.
  • Was ready and able to provide the service quickly
  • Cost effective
  • Provided all the requirements that the FSA needed and is scalable for the future


The FSA is now provided with a managed PSN gateway service that is fit for today’s mobile worker. Secure and accessible whilst enabling the user to do what they need to do wherever they may be – with the ability to evolve to their future needs.

Nine23’s Platform FLEX is providing a secure cloud-based service, with the ability to scale not only in user/devices but by adding additional services on the same platform when needed – simply and securely.

FSA quote:

 “Nine23’s gateway service has enabled us to provide continuing access to PSN services without a dependency on office-based working – which has been essential over the last 12 months. It also means we can respond to government networking strategy without having to re-engineer our internal infrastructure”

Tim Lewis, Solutions Architect of FSA


Nine23 quote:

“Nine23 have demonstrated yet again that whilst the PSN may be going at some point in the future there is still a requirement for PSN services that are value for money and can be deployed quickly. Being ready to deliver services for future government architecture whilst maintaining a strong cyber security posture is why we built Platform FLEX in the first place. We are delighted to have support the FSA with this service”

Stuart McKean, CEO Nine23

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