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Digital Media Investigation Training Solution

Executive Summary

Communications Data & it’s use within law enforcement have never been higher on the political agenda. The Communications Capabilities Development (CCD) Programme is dedicated to ensuring the capabilities of Law Enforcement and the security and intelligence agencies are maintained in the rapid continual evolution of communications hardware and software. The College of Policing had a requirement to deliver the training for the new role of Digital Media Investigator (DMI) within all UK Police forces. They wanted to use current technology to deliver a DMI that will be trained to understand the impact of converging and emerging technology and how to acquire and exploit digital data effectively and efficiently in order to investigate crime, prosecute criminals and protect the public.


The College of Policing Is the professional body for policing. They set high professional standards to help forces cut crime and protect the public. They are here to give everyone in policing the tools, skills and knowledge they need to succeed. They enhance the ability of police forces and individuals to deliver their mission of preventing crime and protecting the public.

Key points

• Secure EMM Solution
• Classroom in a box (CIAB)
• Mobile End User focused
• OFFICAL Sensitive Accredited Solution
• Managed Service

“Outstanding- 100% absolutely fantastic!”

DC Steve Dickinson,
The National Training Coordinator
at the College of Policing

The Challenge

The College of Policing wished to radically change its method of delivering training for a specific new role. This approach would replicate the digitalisation of other processes and procedures that are taking place within Police forces. The result would be an up to date training product that would be more engaging for its user, easily accessible and fully audited to provide in depth analysis on individual and organisational learning. The solution was also required to be future- proof with the ability to adapt as Policing constantly evolves in the digital space it now works in.

The Solution
Nine23’s Digital Asset Collaboration System

Nine23 utilised their Front Line Experience (FLX) and worked with key individuals, both from a users perspective and governance level, to fully recognise the problem and their ambitions for the project. Having formed this clear understanding Nine23 defined what was possible and presented an easily accessible solution that would meet their demands. Nine23 utilised their Digital Asset Collaboration System (DACS) to act as the platform from which all the training products would be launched from. This created a scalable Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) with the ability to maintain and record a user’s progress and achievements throughout their training.

The VLE was created to host a number of modules for a student to complete either remotely or on site providing the flexibility for the user to study when and where is suitable to them. Each of these modules results in a knowledge check at their conclusion which is recorded in the systems Learning Records Store (LRS) using xAPI software. This also records the users progress enabling them to leave at anytime and return to the exact point should they need to break from their study.

Scenario Based Training

The College of Policing also wished to replace the method in which the traditional classroom based training courses were being delivered. Nine23 created a virtual Scenario Based Training (SBT) course which immerses a student in an authentic incident that tests their knowledge and investigative skills and progress is made by the individual’s own decision making process. This is achieved through the application’s ‘choice architecture’ software.

Nine23 worked the client and their subject matter experts in designing a tool that tests not just a users knowledge, but also its practical application. This approach to learning enables a student to practise their skills in a realistic live time environment as apposed to applying them for the first time where the risks are far higher. The course’s software captures the performance and decisions of each student and their progress can be tracked live by a trainer using the systems LRS. This data enables a targeted training approach as it highlights knowledge gaps requiring further attention. The application has been built with the ability to take place in a classroom based learning environment with intermissions for trainer input or to be accessed remotely and consumed by a student at their own pace.


The client now has an easily accessible, scalable and engaging training delivery process that is providing practical tools that enables law enforcement to do their job more effectively.

COP quote:

The interactive scenario based aspect of the course was very realistic… Outstanding- 100% absolutely fantastic!

DC Steve Dickinson, The National Training Coordinator at the College of Policing

Nine23 quote:

Working with the College to create a new training solution that was using todays technology to benefit the font
line user is exactly what Nine23 are about.

Stuart McKean, CEO Nine23

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