What is the problem with IT Infrastructure today?

With the continued fast pace of ever-changing technology, it can be hard to keep up. It can be difficult to know what the right solution is to protect your organisation, with the added pressures of security, compliance, data sensitivity, efficiency, and budget.

What is the problem with IT Infrastructure today?

Everyone’s so busy operating it, transforming it, expanding it & developing it – they don’t have time to look under the hood and find out if the infrastructure that runs it all is working correctly.

Driving the need for change has become the norm within all organisations alongside optimisation and sustainability – so how do you square that circle when faced with:

  • Technical Debt – complexity, not age of equipment costing >40% of budgets
  • IT Skills Gap – 93% according to Forbes
  • Cyber breaches and supply chain security now more prevalent with global instability
  • Observability – when up is not good, how do I really see the performance
  • Poor Documentation – 20% of teams wasted searching for none existent documents

With the evolving cyber threats, changes in regulation, new products and upgrades promote the need to constantly replace and redesign IT services, the pace puts pressure on the team to think about the most cost-effective changes to process, configuration, infrastructure and people.

A more pragmatic approach is for organisations to look at the technical systems, people and processes they currently have in place vs where they want their tech systems and security to be. Whether it’s to update your current systems or to replace them, move to cloud or don’t move to the cloud, it’s important to get all the facts and expert advice on your existing systems first to determine the best route to take and best of all its cost-efficient.

Nine23 and Infratech Digital have partnered together to help organisations review their current infrastructure with expert cyber security advisory services (CSaaS) and/or an IX Assessment.

Our approach to an IX assessment means Infratech’s expert architects looking at your entire IT estate – not from the point of view of your IT team, customers or your users, but from the outside looking in at the big picture, all together, at the same time. The assessment involves scanning over hundreds of data-points and examining your IT infrastructure to a level of detail that you’ve never had the time or resources for.

Infratech examine each of the 5Pillars that form the foundation of your IT individually:

  1. Your transport – how packets move about your organisation
  2. Your machinery – how data is collected, stored and processed
  3. Your controls – how everything is managed
  4. Your security – how everything is monitored
  5. Your intelligence – how your IT is designed and documented

Depending on timescales, budget, complexity, and the business objectives, the IX assessment can be done in two stages:

  1. Insight – a quick scan over everything with some initial recommendations on where you might have issues
  2. Full Assessment – we not only investigate, but we also validate the current state of all your IT infrastructure and present back a rich data room covering all your IT estate plus a full list of problems and proposed solutions.

IX Assessment will give you real actionable insight on what to do with your IT infrastructure to best support your business goals. That might mean some small adjustments, it might mean a total replacement, or usually, somewhere in between.

If Nine23 can help support your business goals, then of course we will be happy to, however we pride ourselves on being refreshingly honest and if Nine23’s solutions are not right for you, we are happy to recommend an alternative supplier to suit your requirements.

Why are you operating a business without really knowing what’s going on under the bonnet of your IT infrastructure? Work with experts who live and breathe cyber security and IT infrastructure so that you can focus on the road ahead.

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