Nine23 support the Gloucester Regiment Golf Teams (The Slashers)

Southampton, June 2021: At the end of Armed Forces week, Nine23 CEO Stuart McKean took part in the inaugural Prince of Wales Division Golf meeting at the Players Golf Club in Bristol. Nine23 sponsored the team shirts for both the teams entered by the Gloucestershire Regiment.

Stuart joined the Army as a Junior Solider at the age of 16 and on completion of his training he was subsequently posted to the Gloucestershire Regiment in 1984. He spent the next 7 years with the Battalion with postings to Tidworth, Berlin, Northern Ireland and Catterick Garrison included a 6-month tour in Belize and a short tour of Kenya. He then applied for Army Flying training as an infantry Corporal, which he subsequently passed and remained a Gloucestershire Regiment NCO pilot flying Lynx Helicopters in Germany. He went on to serve for a further 15 years with the Army Air Corps.

Stuart McKean,
CEO of Nine23 Commented:

“The Army and in particular the Gloucestershire Regiment was instrumental in how I grew up from the age of 16, and those lessons and values have stayed with me to this day. The Army today is a different one of course, as is always the case with every generation who serve but so much of the ethos stays the same no matter when you served. The golf society is a small part of what was once a traditional local infantry Regiment with a long and proud history. The Gloucestershire Regiment was part of the Prince of Wales Division and had 9 infantry regiments within, all of which are no longer in existence. The ability to catch up with fellow veterans from the different regimental golf society’s is a very privileged experience and one I hope we can continue to support in the future

Nine23 State:

“We are about enabling end users, and that they are who should be put first in any requirement.” The reason that passion for the end user exists today is due in part to Stuart’s experience in the Gloucestershire Regiment from the age of 16 as a private solider and “as an end user.”

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