Nine23 joins Secure Chorus

Nine23 joins secure chorus, a platform for Private-Public co-operation, developing interoperable and secure multimedia communication technologies.

Southampton, July 2018: Nine23 Ltd, has joined Secure Chorus, as a Partner Member. Secure Chorus is a not-for-profit membership organisation, serving as a platform for public-private sector collaboration and committed to developing a security baseline for the digital economy in the field of secure multimedia communication. Nine23 have established ourselves as a highly focused secure mobile solutions company servicing the public and private sectors using our secure platform FLEX. We have proven this through service deliveries of user-focused solutions in complex environments. These include accredited solutions and firsts for mobility in the public sector. We do this because we are passionate about creating innovative enterprise capabilities that live up to our expectations of personal mobile devices. We have joined to support the aim of having common standards across industry.

Secure Chorus was originally formed in 2012 as an industry-led working-group, focusing on supporting the UK Government’s requirement for protecting OFFICIAL and OFFICIAL SENSITIVE communications, with the aim of ensuring that any multimedia communication in UK Government is appropriately protected Secure Chorus’ new structure has allowed the creation of a global platform for public-private sector engagement, to support the development of common standards all aimed at building an ecosystem of interoperable, secure and regulatory compliant technologies. The requirement for secure multimedia communications exists across a variety of sectors including central government, public safety, financial services, healthcare, power and other critical national infrastructure.

Elisabetta Zaccaria,
Chairman of Secure Chorus

“We are very pleased to welcome Nine23 as a Partner Member of Secure Chorus. We anticipate that Nine23 experience and expertise will add value to our community of thought leaders and we look forward to working with Nine23 in the near future.”

Secure Chorus utilises MIKEY-SAKKE as the encryption algorithm at its core and defines other protocols and codecs which Secure Chorus products must support. This provides for a number of key characteristics: end-to-end encryption and can be used in a variety of environments, both at rest (e.g. storage) and in transit (e.g. network systems). All products can be centrally managed, giving an enterprise full control of a system’s security as well as the ability to comply with any auditing requirements through a managed and logged process.

MIKEY-SAKKE has been approved by 3GPP (the collaboration project which provides system specifications for cellular telecommunications network technologies) for use in Mission-Critical applications, such as emergency services communications.

As a Partner Member Nine23 will collaborate and contribute to the development of an ecosystem of Secure Chorus Compliant Products and the development of further interoperability standards to drive secure communications technologies and promote the long-term security of our digitally-enabled economy.

Secure Chorus is a not-for-profit, membership organisation, serving as a platform for private-public collaboration and development of forward looking strategies, common standards and tangible capabilities to provide a security baseline in the field of data security for the global digital economy.

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About Nine23

Nine23 are a Mobile Technology Solutions company that designs, builds and manages innovative projects involving secure cloud communication and mobile solutions. We are passionate about delivering the best possible Front Line Experience and believe that people should expect the same mobile technology innovations at work as they benefit from in their personal lives.

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