Nine23 CEO misses his chance to meet King Charles!

Our CEO Stuart Mckean, was “surprised and humbled” to receive an invitation to attend a reception to recognise the contribution of Small Business to the economy of the United Kingdom at Buckingham Palace hosted by King Charles.

However, during COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns many businesses were forced to adopt a working from home environment and when it was made possible to return to the office, it was a unanimous vote amongst Nine23 employees that remote working would be made permanent.

Some of the benefits of remote working for employees includes:

  1. No commuting (cost saving)
  2. Increased motivation
  3. More time at home
  4. Comfortable environments

At Nine23 we only use our office space when required but unfortunately, if no one attends the office – no one checks the post!

Stuart’s formal invitation was sitting in our Nine23 office postbox and was opened with delight until it became apparent the event happened 7 days prior.

We hope Stuart will receive another invitation to Buckingham Palace to meet King Charles one day – #getstuarttobuckinghampalace

Stuart McKean,
CEO of Nine23 Commented:

“As an ex military type I am rather disappointed not to have had the opportunity to say hello to the King, so if anyone could get a message to him and let him know I didn’t stand him up, it was just that we dont use the office much these days.

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