Why is Nine23 exhibiting at UK Infrastructure Show (UKIS)?

On 12th March at NEC in Birmingham, Nine23 will be exhibiting at the UK Infrastructure Show, exploring opportunities to support major infrastructure projects and programmes across the UK.

Infrastructure plays an integral role in the delivery of public services, and for procurement professionals and supporting staff working within the public sector, UKIS presents the ideal opportunity to hear about the state of play across the UK’s biggest projects, and how those projects will affect public services across the country.

The event is supported by the Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA), the UK governments centre of expertise for infrastructure and major projects. The IPA sits at the heart of the government, reporting to the Cabinet Office and HM Treasury.

Nine23 has a long tradition of being able to design, build and then operate solutions that are secure by design and can be accredited by organisations that have a requirement to meet NCSC guidelines and operate at security classifications OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE (O/S) – SECRET (S).

Nine23 recognises the UK Infrastratucture market is facing similar data and digital transformation challenges as other regulated industries, critical national infrastructure (CNI) and government departments, which must comply with various regulations to ensure data privacy, cyber security, and other aspects of their operations remain cyber-secure at higher levels of classification. As proven and trusted experts delivering UK sovereign cyber security solutions, Nine23 offer managed ICT & cyber services using its own secure UK Sovereign private cloud platform.

At UKIS, we are aiming to share our experience and explore new partnership opportunities with Infratech to help organisations review their digital services and current IT infrastructure with expert Cyber Security Advisory Services (CSaaS) and/or an IX Assessment, in order to offer real actionable insight on how best to optimise and secure your digital services and IT infrastructure.

We are exhibiting to support Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) sectors. The UK Government’s National Cyber Strategy 2022-2030 recognised cyber threats to the UK Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) – Infrastructure whose disruption would have significant national impact – as an aera of particular concern. Digital infrastructure is critical for supporting growth and helping to transform the delivery of public services. Much of the UK’s CNI is underpinned by this digital infrastructure, which must be resilient to cyber-attack if it is to fulfil such fundamental roles in the UK.

Lastly, we hope to explore new opportunities within the Construction industry. In recent years, there have been several high-profile successful cyber-attacks within the construction industry causing delays, business disruption, financial impact and reputational damage.

A perfect example of construction companies handling sensitive data are those working in the UK Defence Industry, who have won contracts with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO). DIO is a dedicated organisation in the MOD supporting the Armed Forces to enable military capability by planning, building, maintaining, and servicing Defence infrastructure. However, the DIO is equally exposed (as with other CNI – Enterprise organisations) to cyber risk from targeted cyber threats as recognised in the HMG UK Cyber Security Strategy (dated Jan 23).  The strategy highlights the critical need for Industry to actively protect their interests from the mix of Cyber Terrorists, Cyber Criminals, Hacktivists, Insider Threat, and Nation State actors, all operating with the aim of creating maximum disruption, uncertainty, and theft (Intellectual Property, Cash, and Identity) for optimal financial, political, ideological, and military advantage.

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) is one of the largest landowners in the country. Over 80% of the estate is rural and provides facilities for military training. The built estate includes naval bases, barracks, airfields, and other defence facilities. Much of it is designated as environmentally sensitive and requires specialist expertise to manage it.

Nine23 are supporting construction and facilities management companies to understand the security requirements, current threats, and ways to mitigate risk to the their sensitive data about the infrastructure itself as well as the networks and technology that is integrated into the fabric of modern buildings.

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