Nine23 Signs the SME Climate Commitment

As the world gathers at the UN Climate Summit COP26 in Glasgow, the government is calling on business of all sizes – both in the UK and around the world – to take urgent action and demonstrate their climate leadership by signing-up to Race to Zero and setting out clear pathways to get to net zero.

This week Nine23 came together to discuss our environmental policy and the actions we will continue to take to contribute to the fight against climate change.

Since COVID-19, we made the decision that all Nine23 employees will work from home indefinitely and our office was downsized to a small meeting space. The result of this stops every-day commuting and any unnecessary travel which has an impact on reducing our carbon footprint.

We will consider online alternatives before determining if travel is necessary however if travel is necessary, we encourage our employees to use public transport or car share where possible.

Nine23 will advocate employment involvement in all environmental matters, implementing a suitable green training session and providing support to all employees with regards to our environmental policy. We plan on organising an internal team event to protect and improve the environment.

To increase sustainable, greener consumption and production Nine23 will minimise the amount of e-waste sent to landfill through refurbishment and repurposing of technology. We are working towards recycling 100% of our hardware (excluding hard drives) and where possible, un-required kit is to be wiped clean and given to charity (old laptops, desktops etc).

Nine23 chooses to be paperless for our HR, Accounting, Sales and Operations including all associated policies and processes via the internet to reduce any need for paper. We will recycle where possible and reduce waste to the lowest practicable level ensuring responsible disposal of waste created and received.

As Nine23 employees work from home, personal recommendations were also discussed such as re-using shopping bags, making lunch at home, saving electricity and water, eating less meat-based products, ensuring homes are well insulated and planting trees.

Lastly, Nine23 will ensure that the UK Data Centres we use are ISO 14001 – Environmental Management and are carbon neutral. We will check all our suppliers for their commitment to green policies.

We hope to encourage other businesses to review their environmental policies, think of environmental issues that are important to you and what areas your organisation could get involved with to help fight against climate change.

Nine23 has pledged their commitment to the SME Climate Hub.

The SME Climate Hub for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) provides a one-stop-shop to make a climate commitment and access best-in-class tools and resources. They have partnered with Oxford University to support small businesses in reducing their carbon emissions and to provide climate solutions to contribute to climate action in society.

Are you an SME? Make the commitment today. 

Make greener choices now!

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