What is Digital Sovereignty and is it an issue in the UK?

What is Digital Sovereignty and is it an issue in the UK? 

As technology continues to advance, the digital age is becoming more and more important in every sector of UK society. Digital sovereignty has emerged as a possible solution to the need for security in this new age. But what is digital sovereignty and is it really an issue for the UK as a whole? In this blog, we will explore this topic in more detail.

What is Digital Sovereignty? 

Digital sovereignty refers to the ability of an entity, such as a person, business, organisation, or government, to exercise control over its own digital technologies and data. This means that the entity can manage and secure its own digital systems, keeping sensitive data and processes within its own borders. Like almost any other country, the UK aims to protect its own people and borders, thus preventing and stopping any attacks that threaten to endanger them. Throughout English history, this has been the case in many different circumstances, as mentioned previously, the technological age now has demanded that the UK transfer this energy into digital defences too.

Is Digital Sovereignty an issue for the UK? 

While digital sovereignty is important for the UK as a whole, it is not necessarily a straightforward issue. Digital assets and procedures are subject to other sovereign laws and procedures, which could compromise the UK’s ownership of its assets. This is clearly demonstrated in the globalisation of almost every country. To be truly sovereign would be a very difficult task in the world today with integrated systems to countries everywhere. Digital technology also plays a major role in many areas, not just a defence sector, meaning it could be argued that digital sovereignty is more of an economic issue than a defence issue, for example. This however is a whole other topic which could be discussed alone. 

In addition, many digital technologies are developed and hosted outside of the UK, and multinational companies often have a presence in multiple countries. As a result, it may not be feasible for the UK to completely control its own digital technologies and data, as mentioned before. 

What are your thoughts about Digital Sovereignty? 

There are clearly many different opinions on the issue of digital sovereignty. Some argue that it is vital for the UK’s national security and economic wellbeing, while others believe that it is not feasible or necessary. Whatever your opinion may be, it is important that we continue to discuss this issue and find ways to address the challenges and opportunities that digital sovereignty presents. 

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