Fully managed AWS and Azure solutions.

Nine23 offers a truly unique, tailored approach to multi-cloud. Our multi-cloud solution is enhanced by Platform FLEX, a fully managed dedicated hardware platform that is Nine23 owned and 100% UK sovereign.

Harnessing the power of multiple providers. Sourcing public and/or private clouds from multiple vendors enables your business to utilise their unique cloud capabilities. Whether it is to perform one tailored task or to provide additional resilience and scale, our multi-cloud offering provides increased flexibility, optimisation and resilience.

Our Multi-Cloud Solutions

Our fully managed AWS migration and/or managed service is available with accreditable security – up to Official and above.

With use of AWS’s well-architected framework we keep your scalability and flexibility in mind to provide the best performance, with engineer support when needed. In conjunction with Platform FLEX, your data can be processed wherever is most appropriate for your needs.

Platform FLEX

Nine23’s UK Sovereign, Private Cloud offers a fully managed dedicated hardware platform.

Your data is processed, stored and backed up in levels of isolation needed for your compliance (Community Cloud or full private options are available). This enables you to assure your data to the security levels that you require and beyond. Best for total security control, with predictable / fixed costs, usage patterns and built-in flexibility / scalability. In conjunction with Azure or AWS, your data can be processed wherever is most appropriate for your needs.

Our fully managed Azure service can be used with enhanced security, accreditable – OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE to SECRET.

Following the Azure Five-pillar approach we keep hyper scalability and flexibility with variable usage patterns in mind and have engineer support ready when needed. In conjunction with Platform FLEX, your data can be processed wherever is most appropriate for your needs.

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Key Features of our Multi-Cloud Hosting

Fully Managed

Whether you just require secure hosting or a fully managed service, Nine23 can provide as much as you need.

Our dedicated team are available 24/7 to provide you with support and reassurance, ensuring you are achieving 100% of your SLA’s with minimal downtime.

IT and Business Aligned

Multi-Cloud enables your organisation to optimise your cloud services to align with your business needs. Every organisation needs to manage its costs and its user experiences. With a multi-cloud solution, you have the ability to move services, so they are more cost-effective, perform better or are closer to the users that need them.

Value Optimised

Simple pricing, on a monthly or annual basis allows you to budget as needed without the risk of price shock. No complicated formula based on services consumed, devices running or data processed.

Why Nine23 for Multi-Cloud?

Nine23 are expert private cloud providers in the UK, in addition to our vast experience in the industry, we have the facilities to provide this service. This includes:

✔ Multiple UK data centres

Rigorous Back-up and DR processes

Accredited cloud solution (OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE to SECRET)

✔ 11+ years cloud experience

✔ Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) capabilities

NCSC guidance for cloud security aligned 

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